What distinguishes ChainHubb from a wholesaler, distributor and purchasing organization?
ChainHubb does not buy products but facilitates storage, logistics, sales, marketing, aftersales, and credit management, both for manufacturers as well as resellers.
Is ChainHubb just a platform for packaging materials?
No, our processes can be applied in various industries. Based on our proven sales model, we realize maximum margins for almost every product.
In which countries does ChainHubb has its presence?
ChainHubb is currently active in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and France. We strive to expand our activities in other European countries further soon.

FAQ’s for Manufacturers

Is ChainHubb a purchasing organization/distributor?
No, ChainHubb does not buy products but facilitates storage, logistics, sales, marketing, aftersales, and credit management, both for manufacturers as well as resellers.
What about retention of ownership of my products?
ChainHubb does not purchase products. You use the storage services of ChainHubb. For products from non-EU countries, we act as tax representative and clear products on behalf of your company. Please click on the link to read more about this. (link Cervus)
How do you determine the sales prices of my products?
Our Marketing department conducts extensive market research based on your product range and advises the most optimal sales price for your products. We then determine the final sales prices together, with the focus on the highest possible sales result and the highest possible margin for your products.
Can my competitor also add similar products?
Identical third-party products will not be included in the ChainHubb assortment. There must be a clear difference in quality, design, and possibly in the application and material.
Can I add products continuously and unlimited to my current assortment at Chainhubb?
That is possible. Together we ensure the implementation and set-up of new products on our platform.
How does ChainHubb apply the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy?
Together with the manufacturers, ChainHubb selects products which are produced in a way to preserve natural recourses as much as possible, and, of course, have the lowest possible ecological footprint. Additionally, ChainHubb’s logistics processes contribute to lower overall CO2 emissions in the supply chain, because products simply travel fewer kilometers before they reach the end user.
Are my products insured?
All your products are fully covered by ABN Amro Insurances, part of ABN Amro Bank.
Can I solely use ChainHubb’s logistics services?
That is possible, at very competitive prices, we take care of the complete logistics process for your products, both inbound, as well as outbound.
How are the logistics processes organized?
ChainHubb takes care of all inbound and outbound logistics for the manufacturer. If desired, ChainHubb can also take care of the logistics process from your production facility to our distribution center.
How do I maintain my brand awareness?
In all marketing and sales activities related to your products, ChainHubb promotes the company or brand name of the manufacturer.
How does ChainHubb reach my target group?
In close collaboration with our marketing department and the resellers, your target group is reached in the most optimal ways. In addition, the sales results and goals are discussed with you every week and fine-tuned when needed.
How does ChainHubb realize its 45-Day Sales Guarantee?
With our powerful sales engine, we ensure that your products are offered to your target group. Every week, on Tuesday, we discuss your sales targets and strategy and adjust where necessary to stay on course. You can find more information about our sales guarantee here (link 45 dagen garantie).
Does collaboration with ChainHubb have consequences for my current customers?
No, you can continue to serve your customers as you are used to. Moreover, ChainHubb provides existing customers with added value as your customers can now receive faster and "customized" deliveries without the need to order full containers or trailers.
When will I be paid?
A sales report is generated and sent to you every Saturday. Your payment is processed 14 days after the report is sent.

FAQ’s voor Resellers:

Do I trade under the name ChainHubb?
No, you are an independent entrepreneur. You trade under your own name and use ChainHubb's services to serve your target group optimally.
Can I determine my sales prices myself?
Yes, you are free to determine the final sales prices. ChainHubb sets the minimum sales prices together with its manufacturers and provides you with advice sales prices, so you're always in line with market conditions and sell your products according to competitive prices.
How is my sales area determined?
Based on your current client portfolio, network and the industry you operate in, we determine your sales area together.
Do I get sales support?
A team of experienced and driven inside sales professionals is available daily (working days) from 09.00 to 21.00 to assist you in acquiring orders and carrying out acquisitions. Besides, this team is also ready to answer all your customers' questions (customer service).
How do I get customers?
Our Marketing department determines your target group together with you, of course, you have a vast network of your own. We make our database with more than 2.5 million companies available to you to further expand your target group and network. Where necessary, our inside sales professionals perform cold acquisitions to schedule appointments.
How are promotion and marketing facilitated?
Together we determine your marketing campaigns on a weekly and monthly basis based on your target group and execute them on behalf of your company.
When will my commissions be paid?
Your commission will be paid every 25th of the month.
My company is an existing wholesaler, how can we proceed?
You can choose to perform all your activities through ChainHubb or add the products that are of interest to you to your already existing product range.
Can I continue selling my existing products?
Of course. You can choose to fully or partially integrate ChainHubb’s product range into your company.
Do I need storage space?
That is not mandatory, ChainHubb can deliver all your orders directly to the end user, without additional costs.
Are new initiatives possible?
Of course, we are open to hear about new initiatives. Moreover, we encourage you to present them. Your input to expand and broaden the services and range of ChainHubb will be much appreciated.